MOST Digital and SYNTECH partner up to capture the US market

Finnish robotic process automation specialist MOST Digital and US-based business solutions provider SYNTECH have partnered up to introduce MOST Digital’s OIVA open RPA solution to the US market.

MOST Digital’s new robotics platform OIVA (“open innovative automation”) takes robotic process automation to a new level. The OIVA product suite combines a high-performance environment with best-in-class security and top-notch robotics automation and AI tools.

SYNTECH is MOST Digital’s first international partner to add the new software robotics platform to its solution portfolio.

“We chose MOST Digital as our partner because of its robotics expertise and the level of commitment of the top management and technical staff. MOST Digital’s new OIVA robotics platform enables us to expand our service offerings and attract new clients. With its robotics and AI-based software platform, its technological abilities and top-notch data security, we have never seen a solution quite like OIVA,” says Cesar Gonzales, President and CEO of SYNTECH.

“Digital data volumes are growing and have become impossible for humans to control. Robots and robotics-based tools enable us to process big data. At MOST Digital, we have access to world-class AI and expertise at a level the industry is only just beginning to strive for,” says Olli Ainasvuori, CEO of MOST Digital.

“Our collaboration with SYNTECH is the perfect way to launch the new OIVA robotics platform and introduce it to the global market. Open RPA – open source technology-based robotic process automation – is a strongly growing trend, but we are not aware of any other platform that would have yet transformed open RPA into a comprehensive end-to-end service. We have been particularly impressed by our confidential dialogue with SYNTECH and their commitment to advancing MOST Digital’s innovative new operating model. The spirit of collaboration is strong, and we are extremely excited to work with SYNTECH,” explains Ainasvuori.

Further information:  

MOST Digital: CEO Olli Ainasvuori

Tel +358-40-718-6632

SYNTECH: President Cesar A. Gonzales

Tel. +1-757-605-9100