At VMP Group, robots are familiar automation assistants

Software robotics has already been part of the automation of administrative work and process development at VMP Group for over two years. Most of VMP’s robot tasks are implemented in payroll and financial management functions, e.g. Manu, Ritu and Pepe robots record accounting events, reconciliate and produce reports. In payroll administration, robots enter hour transactions in systems, verify personal data and create report and pay slip outlines for people to refine further. There are about 20 robot tasks in the production.

In VMP’s automation strategy, in suitable cases robotics is always an option alongside system development. In some cases, robotics is a fast temporary solution for system patching in change situations, and in other cases processes are systematically developed to be robot assisted. VMP’s goal is to make worker’s everyday life easier, produce standardized operational models and improve quality. The development and use of robotics and digital solutions are also in the center of the VMP corporate strategy. At least so far they have not run out of ideas, and the degree of automation is continuously increased.

“Without a good cooperation partner, it is difficult to get started. With MOST Digital everything happened briskly. Our cooperation guides selecting meaningful robot targets, keeps the project in progress and is a big help in the coordination of the maintenance phase,” states RPA Specialist Piia Väistö from VMP.

Further information: Piia Väistö, RPA Specialist, VMP Oyj, and Sami Säisä, MOST Digital,