Monetra Keski-Suomi’s efficient multitasker Tapio robot in spotlight


Monetra Keski-Suomi Oy is a service center of financial and HR management, which began its operation on 1 January 2019 and is located in Jyväskylä. The company is part of the national Monetra Group and is a non-profit organization, which offers comprehensive financial and HR management services throughout the entire Central Finland region.

The routine financial and HR management work of Monetra Keski-Suomi is assisted by Tapio, a robot provided by MOST Digital. Tapio currently manages eleven tasks related to different financial and payroll management processes. Among other things, Tapio robot establishes suppliers, carries out administrative tasks related to user credentials, initiates VAT runs and reconciliates internal group items.

Development Specialist Henna Lehmusjoki from Monetra Keski-Suomi states: “Deployment of robotics was not an intrinsic value, but we have specifically wanted to collect ideas of tasks to robotize from the personnel and that way develop and automate our modes of operation. We have thought of many uses and have been able to create a cost-efficient and agile deployment model in cooperation with MOST Digital. In the best cases, the development chain from an idea for a robot task to starting production use has taken place in a few weeks! The plan is to continue to automate routine tasks, and thus free up our resources for more meaningful work tasks.”

Further information:

Henna Lehmusjoki, Development Specialist, Monetra Keski-Suomi Oy

Mari Soukka, Managing Director, Monetra Keski-Suomi Oy

Maria Vuontisvaara, Director, MOST Digital