Seure’s Teppo as a trailblazer

Seure offers staffing services in the capital region cities. Typical work places include day care centers, schools and hospitals. Seure manages the employment of over 12,000 workers and every day, over 1,500 workers are dispatched to places of work. Since January 2019, MOST Digital and Seure have cooperated to develop new solutions to facilitate HR work.

Riikka Lindroos-Järvitalo, Business Development Manager at Seure, explains: “Our aim is to deploy robotics extensively in various assisting tasks to free up more time for our specialists to solve challenging situations. Through robotics, we want to improve the customer and worker experience by expediting the throughput time of processes and by lengthening the hours of service.”

Seure’s first software robot has just started its work, and Lindroos-Järvitalo sheds light on what the software robot named Teppo actually does: “Teppo processes absences reported by rental staff by text messages. In practice, the robot reads the messages and when necessary, opens the duty to be reapplied and processes the absence entry.”

A reliable RPA partner is most significant what comes to achieving the targets set to software robotics. “Partnership carried significant weight in the tendering we conducted in fall 2018. We emphasized customer satisfaction in the tendering, and, for example, did not look for a particular technology for implementing software robotics. We wanted an implementer partner, with whom we could work in an agile manner and complete projects with high quality within a tight schedule,” states Lindroos-Järvitalo.

The first deployment succeeded well, and we kept the planned schedule. “However, we learnt that we could have started with a less challenging case. On the other hand, with a more difficult case we achieved great success and managed to generate significant interest inside Seure around software robotics. Everyone was waiting for this software robot, and it is now easy to continue to next projects,” says Lindroos-Järvitalo.

Further information: Riikka Lindroos-Järvitalo, Business Development Manager or Maria Vuontisvaara