Software robotics finally a part of an architecture

MOST Automation Dock is a platform service developed for the use of robotics and artificial intelligence, which raises the use of software robotics and machine learning to the level of traditional corporate IT requirements.


The platform enables the implementation of software robotics solutions, always using the best suited automation products and tools, even several different products within one automation task. The platform helps support automation applications of open source code and also commercial RPA applications, within the limits of license terms and conditions.

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning services takes place naturally as part of the process to be automated, using the flexible efficiency of infinitely scaling capacity services and data accrued with the help of the platform.


Immediate productivity leap right now – Not tomorrow

  • Focusing on genuine productivity – MOST Automation Dock enables you to focus your business on creating true agile value, solving technological issues in the background – in the way approved by ICT management
  • More meaningful work for professionals – Agile robotisation frees the working hours for professionals to use time for tasks which they are best at
  • Immediate results – With Lean philosophy deployment, only influential items are automated
  • Digitization to Digitalization – Tools ready for genuine digitalisation


Robotics and artificial intelligence to be a genuinely integrated part of corporate technology architecture

  • Make robotics a part of IT architecture – MOST Automation Dock brings robotics into company IT architecture – professionally, without quality constraints
  • Familiar tools and methods – MOST Automation Dock provides familiar and professional tools and methods for implementation, maintenance and monitoring, as well as a direct integration into ITIL V3 processes and ticketing tools
  • Global scalability – MOST Automation Dock scales globally, offering unlimited processor and storage capacity as SaaS, with Pay-as-You-Go model
  • Security above all – The MOST Automation Dock has been built from the very beginning with the security above all. Dynamic and role-based user authorization management transfers security to the 2020s


Familiar and modern tools and working methods

  • Professional coding – The MOST Automation Dock offers an efficient and modern work environment for the developer, with a focus on genuinely professional development
  • No more quick fixes and iron wires – With MOST Automation Dock, software automation becomes a part of real coding again, no longer just RPA scripts
  • Python 3, nothing else – The MOST Automation Dock makes a return to the future. There is only one single code language in use: Python 3, with no third wheels
  • Administrative routines made easy
    – MOST Automation Dock makes obligatory routines easy with modern access, version, container and ticket management tools


MOST Automation Dock differs from the RPA tools in the market especially by not being an RPA tool. MOST Automation Dock is a genuine platform, the purpose of which is to always enable the use of the best tool based on the automation need, as required.

Special characteristics of MOST Automation Dock include global corporate level information security, use of several different automation applications and built-in use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Operational services are also built in, so there is no need for own servers or changes in the IT architecture.

MOST Automation Dock has no vendor lock. The source code of automation implementations is genuinely modular and reusable also between different automation products.

Accrual of data in MOST Automation Dock is built in, which makes it a safe and modern way to accrue data for optimal usage of machine learning.

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