OIVA - for intelligent automation

Oiva is the world´s most advanced All-in-One RPA product suite utilizing open source tools with best-in-class security features. Oiva is not just a robot but a complete environment that offers its user everything for automation and artificial intelligence.

easy – fast – most Efficient

“Oiva offers our expert customers the opportunity to create efficient robot and machine intelligence solutions that transfer routine tasks to robots, improving work productivity and at the same time increasing job satisfaction.”

– Olli Ainasvuori, CEO

OIVA – more than just An rPA – tool

The Oiva platform enables a fast and efficient way to build robotic and artificial intelligence capabilities for the needs of different companies.. Open source tools can be found  ready to build  for a variety of robotic applications, without eliminating the possibility of utilizing a different commercial RPA applications as  well.

The operating services are built-in, so there is no need for in-house servers or changes to the IT architecture. The management of customer-specific robotic environments has been made easy via a separate user interface. Through the user interface, it is quick and easy to create new customer environments and robots when the need to scaling arises.

In Oiva, you are not a prisoner of one supplier. The source codes of automation implementations are truly modular and reusable also between different automation products.

Oiva includes modern, enterprise level security requirements. All the information you collect in Oiva is safe for further use. The functions required by the GDPR are also built-in.

Take Advantage of Oiva today

– Robots and a secure environment in the same package


– Easy to use management portal


– Comprehensive automation tools


– Best-in-class environmental automation

Would you like to know more about OIVA?

For Information management

Oiva integrates into the company´s technology architecture

  • Robotics as part of the information management system – Oiva integrates robotics into IT-architecture – professionally and securely.
  • Management and scalability – Oiva includes easy management features for the implementation, miantenance and monitoring of robots, including the easy UI and integration with ticketing tools. Oiva scales globally, offering unlimited processor and storage capacity as a service – you only pay for usage.
  • Security first – Oiva has been built with a security first mentality. Dynamic and role-based authorization management takes security to the 2020s and is suitable for use by even the largest companies.


Modern tools and working methods in the same package

  • All tools for robotic professionals  Oiva brings a modern, professional working environment to robotics by maximizing efficiency with familiar professional tools.
  • Python 3, nothing else – Only one programming language required.
  • Administrative Routines made easy – Oiva makes routines easy with modern access, version, container and ticket management tools.