We automate and digitize Knowledge work

MOST Digital is a full service digitalisation partner in automation and operation performance enhance. Our services work with artificial intelligence with the support of advanced software robotics tools. 



The robotic service is built on the MOST Automation Dock developed by us, which enables the implementation and management of professional-level automation solutions.

The platform helps automation applications use different robot and machine intelligence tools in a seamless and flexible manner. A robot application can then always be implemented in an optimal manner, taking into account automation, implementation and management needs.

We have implemented robots for the following lines of business:

  • Finance and Human Resources
  • Care services
  • Wholesale
  • Recruitment services
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Logistics
  • Accounting offices and service centers
  • Public sector


MOST Digital has created a MOST Bright Idea™ process analysis and MOST Bright Skills™ coaching program to promote robotics and machine intelligence.

The purpose of the MOST Bright Idea™ process analysis is to identify and analyze the client’s tasks that are best suited to being robotized. Different processes are reviewed and suitability is assessed by means of a classification, the final output of which is a uniform ratio, a robotisation index. As a final product, a comprehensive and systematically analyzed process-specific analysis of the applicability of tasks for robotisation is created for the customer.

The MOST Bright Skills™ concept consists of seven subassemblies that include, in addition to identifying strategy and targets, automation of processes, control, technical environment, monitoring and further development of robots, and living and managing change.

We increase our customers’ productivity

We support all phases of robotic automation and data processing, from identification and analysis to the deployment of solutions and usage and promotion of automation.

As an implementation partner, our strengths include agile project management and lean-based process development and deep competence in financial management.

We are a technology-agnostic operator with competence in robot and machine intelligence implementations and automation using machine learning tools. We provide several robot technologies.

We are a competent change partner: we have experienced consultants to promote robot automation competence and to carry out changes in tasks, roles and organizations.

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